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One would have to had been completely asleep to not notice the governmental over-reach that has been occurring in every nation these past few years.

In the U.S. – many have watched in disbelief as our own President declared war on the American people by denouncing any refusal to do what the Federal government tells them to do – regarding their OWN BODIES and stating that “his patience is wearing thin…” – He promptly announced a plan to force eighty-million Americans to do something with their bodies or else risk having their jobs taken away. It is important to remember that if we take away the personal liberties of any individual – we all lose our freedoms.

How to turn America into a fascist state in just a few easy steps (and a few years)

If the foundations be destroyed…

It should be stated that the foundational truths of our nation’s government, and the state that we live in – South Carolina – still exist – even though it often appears that they do not. What has happened is that the people have forgotten the foundations that our REPUBLIC rest upon:

The God-given, inalienable endowment of Life, Liberty, and private Property ownership.

Because the people have forgotten these defining, foundational truths – the leaders who are elected to positions of authority have also forgotten to abide by such truths and have treated the true purpose of government as “inconsequential details” – and have forgotten that they are to serve the interests of the people within the boundaries of the State Constitution and God’s Law. EVERY PUBLIC SERVANT MAKES AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSITUTION. Every oath is made to God Himself. That is the very nature of an oath. We do not make oaths to men – for what authority does any man have over another?

They “Lord it over the people” – as the scriptures state.

The results of governmental misguidance and overreach – many small businesses were “forced” to shut-down because they were deemed “non-essential.” There are businesses that have been open for generations; small, local businesses that have epitomized the American dream, having served and employed many. These businesses will never recover from the governmental overreach that has occurred these last few years.

Keep in mind that small business closings and other related “mandates” – occurred at the local government level, not Federal.

It is misleading for any local government to state: “We had to do this because the Federal government said so…”   All local governments have final authority on what happens to their people that they represent. Our elected local Sheriffs and County Governments have final say over any and all “mandates” imposed by the Federal and State governments. This is basic Constitutional law – but again – because the people have forgotten the foundational truths, the foundations are in essence – destroyed.

I am a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE – what does that mean?

The Constitution is a document that sets the parameters and limits of governmental powers and acknowledges that ALL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS come from God alone. The Constitution does not give us our rights – it documents the limits on governmental power and writes into civil law the truth that all power derives from the people, and the power, authority and liberties are bestowed upon the people by God alone. I believe that the words of our preamble to our Declaration of Independence are true, and would still hold true even if those words were not written down on paper and presented as American Law – they still apply as foundational ideals of Natural Law:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident – that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among those are – LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

the Preamble to the declaration of independence
(The 5th Amendment clarifies – Life, Liberty, and Private Property)

In South Carolina State Constitution – we find an equally powerful statement:

“All political power is vested in and derives from the people only – therefore – they have the right at all times to modify their form of government” (Article 1 of the South Carolina Constitution – Declaration of Rights)

We can plainly see that the highest law of South Carolina states that the people have rights to life, liberty and property that cannot be removed (inalienable), nor can those rights be ignored – because ALL POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE ONLY. But somehow it seems that our governments, Federal, State and all the way down to local municipalities – don’t seem to act or function with these Constitutional limitations and truths, in mind.

mandate definition - Black's Law

We have recently experienced words like, “mandated” – applied to the people as law, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The legal meaning of the word “mandate” can be found in the “Bible of American Jurisprudence”Black’s Law. I am including a screen shot from my 11th Edition Black’s Law book, so that you can see for yourself. ( Click on the image to zoom in) – You can find a freely available 2nd Edition of Black’s Law online

I am not speaking from a vacuum of inexperience regarding our “natural laws” and the rights of the people. I was given the opportunity to grow in my understanding of how our Constitutional laws and our natural, legal rights – apply in our fight against tyranny when I was asked on numerous occasions to assist families who were fighting against governmental overreach – during COVID lock-downs and threats to their means of support. I’m no law expert, but I have found – Title VII of the Civil Rights Law of 1964 – to be an indispensable resource for understanding and defining when a person’s civil liberties have been infringed upon.

Over the past few years in my studies of American Jurisprudence – I’ve found that once you understand how our laws function to serve and protect the people – one begins to realize that such mandates and statutes were only functioning under “color of law” – and were not valid laws – for having broken two requirements that form the basis of American laws:

All laws must fall within the guidelines and parameters of the U.S. (and State) Constitution – and all laws must be harmonious with the Law of God. If a statute does not align with these two important parameters – it is a “null law“. It is in effect Unlawful.

 Once we begin to know the truth – it sets us free. (John 8:32)

Many political candidates make promises of what they will do for you or what they will give to you, if you elect them to office. Many of those promises are never kept, because they can’t be. I’m sure those of you reading this have seen that happen – sadly – often.

It is my hope that the people of Chester County South Carolina will see fit to elect me as their representative. I cannot in good conscious, make promises that I cannot keep. I make one simple promise:

Make a vow headshot

It is my promise to be a voice of reason and the one who will stand against governmental overreach in every area of our lives. I will always stand for your individual liberties and your private property rights and do everything that I can to protect your right to live your life in peace, live your own dreams, raise your families according to your faith – and pursue your happiness.

David Beverley Sr – Candidate for Chester County Council at-large